Thank you for volunteering to be the adult team coach for your school's Battle of the Books team. The purpose of this program is to encourage reading and provide students identified for services in the gifted and advanced learning program an appropriate level of challenge. The most important role for you, as coach, is to encourage students to read and discuss the books, and to keep track of their progress. As a group, your team must read all forty books on the list and become familiar with the story lines as well as the author's names.

Teams consist of four to six students, with the possibility for two additional alternate team members. Plan to meet with your team a couple of times each month. This can be done during lunchtime, before or after school. Check the Guidelines for Battle of the Books Coaches page for tips and other pertinent information that might be helpful in working with your team. Books are available at school as well as at the public libraries. The book list is included on this wiki.

The first round of competition takes place in March before Spring Break at your team's school. This round of competition is multiple choice. Students compete against other teams at your school. The top team advances to the regional round of competition and competes against other schools in the Des Moines Public School District. This round of competition occurs after Spring Break. The questions are short-answer, with the top two teams going head-to-head in an oral round to determine a regional winner. The top teams from each of the regional competitions advance to the district final competition in April which consists of oral rounds to determine the district championship team. More information will be available when that time draws near.

If you have questions, post them to the wiki page labeled "Questions" and we will try to get them answered in a timely manner. If you need immediate assistance, contact either Christie McConathy, 242-7912 or Jenny Schiltz, 242-7939. The contact information is on the Home page. Have fun, and thank you again for volunteering to help with this wonderful program!